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    Kaon KSF 200

    Welcome to www.dreambox500s-seller.com, We have a lot of selection of Kaon or remote controls, We supply dreamBox 500C,DreamBox Remote Control for DreamBox 500C,Power for DM500C,DreamBox 500S, DreamBox 500T, DreamBox 7020S, EchoLink, Metabox, Starbox, Openbox, Kaon digital satellite receiver and dreambox remote control.

    Kaon KSF 200
    When you first see this model of satellite receiver you will think that it's a joke. Very small like one VHS cassette this is possible one of the tiniest satellite receiver on the market. And it is very mobile to. Elegant design with small LED display on the front together with emergency operating buttons in cease you misplaced remote control. On the back there are all the connectors you will ever need. LNB in and out, RF connectors, one scart, cinch audio/video out and RS232 for connection to PC.
    Powerful receiver for digital TV and Radio programs

  • Kaon KSF 200 Features:

      - OSD Teletext and DVB Subtitling Supportable
      - Various Games Included
      - USALS and DiSEqC 1.2 Available
      - Intelligent Banner includes Channel Selection & Information View
      - Automatic Demonstration and Usage Guide

      Max 9,000 Channels, Max 50 Satellites and Max 23 Languages
      - Dolby Digital Bitstream Audio Out via S/PDIF
      - MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB-S Compliant
      - Fast Auto-programming and User-friendly Installation
      - Stripping EPG with Now, Next and Full (7 Days)
      - Powerful Channel Control by Favorites, Delete, Lock, Move and Skip
      - Channel Sorting by CAS, Lock, Name and Network
      - 256 Color OSD & Convenient 2-layer GUI Architecture
      - Variable Aspect Ratio with 4:3, Letter-Box, Full Screen and 16:9
      - Sleep Timers Programmable
      - Software Upgrade via RS-232C from PC(PC-to-Set) or Set (Set-to-Set)
      - Dolby Digital Bitstream Out through S/PDIF (OPTION)
      - 28 Languages: English, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, Turkish, Italian,
      Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Latvian, Arabic, Farsi, Danish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian,
      Dutch, Hungarian, Albanian, Greek, Indonesian, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Polish

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