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  • FAQ for Satllite Receivers  

    Does your receiver support SatcoDx?

    Yes, our satellite receivers of European models of M3 series support SatcoDX, you can update the TP data through Internet. You can contact us for details if you are not familar with it.

    Does your company provide continous software support for satellite receivers especially for the patch models?

    Yes, of course. Currently, we have perfersional software engineers to develop the software with patch, not only for European models (focus on Arabsat, Hotbird, Astra...) but also for North America models, we upgrade our software once a week to give customer full support!!

    Although China satellite receiver is very cheap, but most of their software is not good enough to meet our requirement, please advise if your software is China version or Other version?

    Our satellite receivers are developed by our our engineers and our partner in India although they are made in China, its function is very powerful, especially for the patch function.

    We know the patch software need to be kept upgraded to survive, please tell us the upgrading frequency for you software, monthly, quarterly or half year a time?

    It is a good question, yes, today if the patch software can not keep up the pace with relevant upgrading, it will soon perished. Generlly, we release our new software ONCE A WEEK to add new function so as to meet the new requirement of our customer, sometimes, you will also found we will release our software TWICE A WEEK especially when the relevant encrytion system is upgraded.

    Do you have a Linux based satellite receiver?

    Yes, we have a good quality Linux based satellite receiver, you will be amazed with its function, quality, and competitive prices. Contact our sales team for further details.

    I have heard some China satellite receivers have the serious quality problem, for example: the power supply is always broken, the main board is not stable and the receiver is not sensitive and something like that...

    We have a very good quality control team for quality assurance, and we provide a very good after sales service support.

    DreamBox 500C Not picking up any channels

    Pls try to solve this problem as following steps :
    Open menu, click set up button - select service searching - select manual scan - select Inv, then see if it can be locked, if yes, you can search the channel.
    If this still not resolve this problem,
    You can do as follow:
    you have to download the software from your old dm500c and then update it to the new dm500c that will work well.
    Please find attach two update tools. dreamup is for Rs232 cable and flashwizard is for network cable connecting form dm500c and computer.
    If you have a RS232 cable, please run dreamup as follow:
    1, connect your old dm500c (power is off) to computer with RS232 cable.
    2, act the dreamup and menu will display.
    3, select port as com1 or com2.
    4, click "connect" button.
    5, connect dm500c power on.
    6, click "backup" button
    7, enter a file name and select a place in you computer.
    8, wait... and click "complete" button.
    9, the software has been downloaded
    10, disconnect the old dm500c and connect new dm500c (power is off).
    11, act the dreamup and menu will display.
    12, select port as com1 or com2.
    13, click "connect" button.
    14, connect dm500c power on.
    15, click "flash" button
    16, select the software that has been downloaded from old dm500c.
    17, wait... until display the menu " flash update finished "
    18, click "ok" button .
    The program is show in page140-150 of manual .
    If you have network cable please run flashwizard.
    Dreambox software download: