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    Dreambox Receiver,Satellite Receivers

  • 1. 0/12 Volt Output:

    A programmable output found on the back of some satellite receivers that switch between 0 and 12 VDC

    2.Audio/Video Output:

    A set of video and analog outputs found on the back of a satellite receiver usually provided by RCA jacks

    3.CI slots

    The common Interface slot is usually found on th front of a satellite receiver and can accept a variety of Conditional Access modules for the reception of PayTV.

    4.Channel Memory:

    The Maximumnumber of channels that can be stored in a satellite receiver.

    5.Digital Audio output

    An output on the back of a satellite receiver that provides a digital audio signal for connection to a digital stereo system.


    Digital Satellite Equipment Control. Permits the control of various external peripherals by the satellite receiver such as switches and antenna motors.

    7.Embeded CA:

    The integration of a conditional access system directly into a satellite receiver

    8.Feed Size:

    The size of the LNB feed horn expressed in mm.


    The typical singnal amplification of an LNB expressed in DB.

    10.Hard Disk:

    A hard disk built intoa receiver permits recording playback of TV or radio channels.

    11.IF Output:

    The output frequency range of an LNB .

    12.Input Frequency:

    The frequencry range that a satellite receiver can accept.


    Local Oscillator Frequency.

    14.Looped Through IF:

    The passing through of the antenna input signal through the receiver so that a second receiver can be connected.

    15.Mechanical Polarizer:

    Connections on the back of some satellite receivers that permit the control of servo polarizers usually found on larger antenna systems.


    An RF output on the back of most receivers that permits connection of the receiver to the RF input of a TV or VCR.


    The two most widely used video norms around the world. PAL is used primarily in Europe, Asia, Australia and parts of South America while NTSC is used primarily in North America, Japan and parts of South America.

    18.Polarization Control:

    The method used to control the polarization (vertical, horizontal, left or right) of the LNB.


    Found in some receivers. Used to control themovement of a dish antenna from one satellite to another. Usually used with actuator-type antenna motors.

    20.S-VHS Output:

    An output that provides better quality video compared to a standard video output.

    21.SatcoDX compatible:

    A satellite receiver tha tis SatcoDX compatible can accept the upload of channel data as generated by the "world of satellites" program.

    22.Scart connnectors:

    A type of connnector used primarily in Europe. Used to link the satellite receiver with a similarly equipped TV and VCR.

    23.SCPC compatible:

    SCPC = Single Channel per carrier. A satellite receiver that is SCPC Compatible can handles satellite signals with very low symbolrates.

    24.Serial interface:

    An interface found on most satellite receivers that permits the uploading of new receiver software and, in some cases, the uploading of SatcoDX transponder data.


    A measure of the speed of a data transmission. A satellite receiver must be set to the correct symbolrate of a siganal in order to receiver that signal.

    26.USALS Compatible:

    Universal Satellite Location System.