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    Dm8000 Satellite Receiver

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    Dreambox 8000 Receiver
    The Dreambox DM8000 will have a 723 MHz IBM processor, and come with 2 CI slots and 2 integrated card readers. It will also have an internal DVD drive

  • DreamBox DM 8000 Specifications:

    The DM 8000 support multiple HDTV standards, including MPEG4/H.264 - that to be implemented by Sky in the UK! An improved power supply unit is included which will finally solve all previous PSU-related problems for good . A USB 2 port is also included as well as the standard RS232 serial port and Fast Ethernet port (no Gigabit ) It looks like the front of the box will house a multi-function (10) card reader so that you can easily load/access data, photos, mp3 etc. The LCD display has increased in size to 3,5x 5.5 cm. Naturally Linux is still the operating system, however it will be packaged in an 'easier to use form'.

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  • We can only guess that means a complete re-write of Enigma. These details are still very sketchy. More news as we find it out


    Tuner: Twin tuner (optional card)
    O/S: Linux (open source)
    Video connections: DVI, HDMI
    Supported video standards: MPEG2, MPEG4/H.264 & WM9 (HDTV compliant)
    CPU: 723MHz IBM
    Memory (RAM): 128 Mb
    Flash Memory: 32 Mb
    Network: 100 MBit full duplex Ethernet interface MiniPCI slot Super cool display (RGB color adjustable)
    Slimline DVD player (optional) HDD (optional)
    2 x CI, with eject button
    2 x Smartcard reader & 1 SIM card reader (internal)
    Multiple layer 3D menu (16 milion colors)
    USB 2.0

  • The DreamBox 8000 product has been tested for over 12 months by hundreds of users and turned out the most reliable product among the solutions of a kind. Our DreamBox 8000 is a new highly stable and reliable hardware product, based on a new thoroughly tested hardware platform which has proved to be extremely safe and efficient even after months of heavy tests under extreme loads.

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